Recovery is possible! Take each step,
each meal, each mouthful at a time.

I spent today with a young girl who was living in a hospital with anorexia. She was 17 and so scared. I could see my 17 year old self in her, afraid of what the future held, and afraid that it would never be okay. I was frustrated as I spoke to her. Frustrated that […]


On 24 April 2015, I completed the Brighton Marathon in 3 hours 26 minutes. All the hard work had paid off.For those watching I looked like a healthy 25-year-old girl but those closest to me had spent the last year worrying about my eating, worrying if I would return to my anorexia. The moment I […]


Today I witnessed a young man on one of the railway bridges at seven sisters station. We had an emergency evacuation off the train as had been on for over an hour. And then stood and watched a young man from a distance battle for over an hour. The people around were awful watching him […]


Being able to talk about how you feel can be hard. I used to often feel like it was a sign of weakness. I was so afraid of emotion that when I was 13 I did everything I could to switch off from the world. And I was good at switching off. Good at masking […]


I am proud to tell you I beat anorexia! If you google me it will come up with a list of my blogs, some justgiving sites and my book, Stand Tall Little Girl. It won’t take you long to work out that I lived with anorexia since the age of 13; a nasty illness that […]


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