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  1. Thousands of people with Eating Disorders are being turned away from treatment and support every day.
  2. The NICE Guidelines for access to treatment are correct but they are not being implemented in the right way.
  3. This is costing lives, heartbreak, anguish for people with eating disorders


We are asking the government to commit to three things:

  1. TA recommitment to the enforcement of NICE Guidelines 1.2.8 which states "Do not use single measures such as BMI or duration of illness to determine whether to offer treatment for an Eating Disorder". This will be rolled out through internal communications, blogs, webinars, press awareness and videos;
  2. Training for GPs on Eating Disorders; and
  3. To develop a meaningful way to measure/monitor implementation of the guidelines and an annual review of implementation.

We believe that there can no longer be any delay in diagnosing mental illness, given the lives that can be

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